Evisceration or Reconstruction in a Case of Globe Rupture With No Light Perception

  • S. Natarajan, MD, FASRS, FRCS (GLASGOW) , FICO, D.Sc, FELA
  • Juhi Garg, MBBS, MS
  • Divya Gupta Thakur, MBBS, MS,FVRS
  • Purva Valvekar, MBBS, MS
  • Video
  • Published 2014

A 40-year-old male presented with an injury from a bamboo stick. There was no light perception in the right eye, the patient had total hyphema with a flat anterior chamber, and CT showed a distorted globe. B-scan showed posterior dislocation of the lens with dense vitreous hemorrhage. A large superior scleral tear extending up to the optic disc posteriorly with incarcerated vitreous was also noted.

The patient was planned for primary scleral tear repair with intraocular injection of antibiotics. Later, the patient underwent 23-gauge pars plana vitrectomy and pars plana lensectomy with perfluorocarbon liquid and endolaser, as well as fluid/gas exchange and Densiron injection. The eye was saved, and the patient improved to hand motions close to face.

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